Toni Pons Social is the social responsibility program from Toni Pons, based on the brand’s mission which, ever since its beginnings, they have striven to work in consonance with certain principles and values that we consider to be non-negotiable: A job well done, common sense and projecting warmth, honesty and social credibility. These values, along with the company’s firm commitment to the environment and the community, have always been and will continue to be the true character of our brand.


Naturally, in a shoe with such clear ecological connotations and respect for the environment, Toni Pons uses top quality natural materials. The natural jute of the soles marries perfectly with the natural textiles or leather uppers with which the brand’s designs are made and they are presented in a 100% recyclable packaging.


The brand’s commitment to continue producing all its designs in Spain has resulted in an international reputation for quality and service. Both the quality of the stitching and the finishes of the firm’s designs are easily recognizable thanks to the meticulous care taken by the firm’s craftsmen when making them.


Every company must have a positive influence on the community. The job creation and its maintenance are a company’s owned finality. The job, together with family and friendship, are the best supports in the society.


A company should respect, treat and also require, for the common good, people with human criteria and professionality along the process: suppliers, workers, collaborators, clients and consumers.


At Toni Pons we believe in the equality of opportunities and we are convinced that every people have something positive to bring to the society. For that reason, we count on a social integration workshop, where we produce our handbags, manufacturing them one by one. On the other hand, we collaborate with a foundation whose commitment is to improve life of people with intellectual disability.


The economical earns are, or should be, a necessary way for the company’s good running, but it should not become its unique objective.

Every company is a collective, and consequently, it must be aware to the social needs that sometimes exclude some people letting them out of the minimal resources for a dignified lifestyle. Toni Pons invests a percentage of its results in social programs in order to create solid alliances with recognized communitarian organisations.


Culture in all of its expressions is an essential part of the society. At Toni Pons we are proud of supporting and broadcasting some local and global cultural initiatives.

“In the same way that culture of a land leaves its imprint on its people, every person leaves an imprint on their personal and professional life, that identifies them and makes them unique.”

Toni Pons Carós

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