With more than 70 years of expertise producing and merchandising espadrilles, and the success of our flagship stores we have created a successful model that we want to share through the opening of Toni Pons franchises.

Toni Pons shops are concept stores with Mediterranean character, focused on espadrilles where everybody can find their perfect style. Besides, the main product there are seasonal accessories and a Winter footwear collection for the coldest months.

We are searching for people with entrepreneur spirit, work committed and with leading capacity, with or without experience in footwear business. Passionate people that want to open a Toni Pons franchise and who are searching to start a new business project based on a solid brand with an international reputation.

Success keys

PRODUCT: at Toni Pons we have been making, for more than 70 years, a natural and handcrafted product, the espadrille.

ACKNOWLEGEMENT: Toni Pons is a leader brand internationally recognised as one of the best manufacturers of espadrilles with the made in Spain guarantee.

OFFER: we offer a great variety of option of our main product, the espadrille, besides a wide range of accessories and special collections for the coldest months.

IMMEDIACY: we ensure an immediate product replacement, that allows the shop to always have the optimal stock.

EASINESS: we facilitate the payment on the initial stock and the replacements.

COMMUNICATION: we count on an effective communication program that ensures the optimal positioning of the brand and the stores.

TRAINING: we offer an exhaustive training plan, both of product and of sales management.

PROXIMITY: we will accompany and advise you during all the process, from the space location and refurbishment, to the product replacement.

Do you want to open a Toni Pons franchise?

If you are interested in our brand and you want to know more about our franchises model, write us by clicking the button below, indicating your data and the interested location and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you prefer, you can also contact us by phone (34) 972 238 611 Ext.26 (Monday to Thursday from 9h to 17h and Friday from 9h to 14h)

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